7 Recommendations for Stock Fundamental Analysis Applications

Hello friends, this time we will provide recommendations for applications that are very suitable for stock fundamental analysis before you decide to buy stocks. Fundamental analysis of stocks is essentially a way of investing in the capital market with the hope of being able to generate profits, be safe and guarantee a peaceful life. Ana.isa is the most important part for an investor because by analyzing an investor can make the right decision when he should buy shares or sell shares so as to generate profits for your investment.

In this easy era, we don't have to bother opening a laptop or turning on the computer when we want to analyze stocks. You just need to use your cellphone to analyze stocks whenever and wherever you are. Here we have summarized 7 recommended applications that are suitable for stock fundamental analysis:

RTI Business

This stock analysis application is widely used by professionals so it is recommended for beginners because of its user-friendly features and how to use it . With this application, you can also try out stock trading transactions with virtual money schemes. So, this application is highly recommended by professionals for beginners. Not only as a trial, you can also learn a lot of virtual stock transactions with this application.

Here are the important features of the RTI Business application:

  1. Proportional display of all IDX stock data
  2. Practice buying and selling shares with virtual money
  3. Fundamental data presented in real time
  4. Provide technical indicators
  5. There is a news feature about Pakistan with sound settings 


The next stock application that is certainly no less interesting is OlympTrade, which is known for intensively advertising on various social media platforms. By using this application you can make stock transactions globally.

In addition, in terms of deposits and withdrawals it is also very easy so many people consider using this application. Similar to RTI Business, which offers a trial of stock transactions, the OlympTrade application also provides training in buying and selling shares using virtual money that can be operated easily.

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Following are the important features of the OlympTrade application:

  1. Presents real time data from stocks around the world
  2. Ease of doing share buying and selling transactions
  3. Supported by local banks in terms of deposits and withdrawals
  4. Provides news features and other important information related to stocks
  5. Virtual money served as a feature for trial stock transactions

Investing.Com : Stocks, Finance, Markets, & News

The following application is an application that will provide convenience and help you in getting the various information you need to trade stocks. Supported by the stock data movement feature that is offered in real time, this application is the choice of many people.

There is one interesting thing in this application, which is related to the news feature that you can set according to a particular region. Therefore you can see stock price movements not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.

The following are important features of the Investing.Com application:

  1. Presenting stock data in real time around the world
  2. There is a feature to set the economic calendar with important information
  3. Provide notifications about certain stock movements
  4. Presenting news and economic analysis related to stocks globally
  5. Provide supporting information about Cryptocurrency data

Stockbit - Stock Investing for Millennials

This application is arguably the prima donna because it is quite widely used by traders. By using this Stockbit application, you can observe online stock price movements listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Although this application is basically a stock analysis application, Stockbit also offers a transaction feature for those of you who want to buy and sell shares on condition that they follow the applicable regulations. If you are confused about how to operate this application, then you don't need to worry because this application provides tutorials to online forums that can make it easier for you to learn to analyze stocks.

Here are the important features of the Stockbit app:

  1. Equipped with a share purchase transaction feature in collaboration with Sinarmas Sekuritaskur
  2. Provides an online discussion feature with active participants
  3. Provides learning features and stock tutorials
  4. Provides stock technical indicator features
  5. Provides a complete and real time stock price list with a professional look


The next recommended application for analyzing stocks is TradingView. The TradingView app offers many interesting features similar to other stock analysis apps. As with other stock analysis applications, this application can also help you in analyzing stock movements. 

The features provided by this application are quite interesting because they provide technical data analysis which is very useful for predicting future stock prices.

Here we have summarized the best features in the TradingView application:

  1. Ease of synchronizing accounts
  2. Real time stock data features are presented in chart form
  3. Provides support features for worldwide Cryptocurrency data
  4. A very useful technical data analysis feature for investors

MSN Money - Stock Quotes & News

The MSN Money-Stock Quotes & News application is an application that is quite good at displaying important information about stocks as support material in conducting stock analysis. You don't need to worry because this application made by Microsoft is provided for free by presenting information data that is certainly accurate.

The interesting features of the MSN Money-Stock Quotes & News application are as follows:

  1. Provide accurate financial and business information worldwide
  2. News personalization feature that can be customized as needed
  3. Presenting stock movement data in real time
  4. Financial tools that can be operated easily ( user friendly )

Pakistan Stock Data

The next application recommendation is Pakistann Stock Data, which you should try because this application is one of the best applications that has quite complete features. With an interface that is quite ideal for knowing stock price movements in detail and of course this application you can use for free and can also be used to transact shares virtually.

The following are interesting features in the Pakistann Stock Data application:

  1. Accumulated data from top brokers
  2. Real time data of all stock price lists
  3. Technical Indicator
  4. Stock fundamental data features in real time
  5. Broker fee calculation feature and profit and loss

So that's 7 recommended applications that are suitable to be used as stock analysis tools which are of course very easy to operate. You will of course need a tool to analyze the stock before finally deciding to buy the stock. The 7 recommended applications above you can operate on your cellphone so you don't have to bother opening a laptop if you want to do stock analysis.

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