Tickets to Outer Space with Jeff Bezos Sold for IDR 397 Billion! | Interested?

 Imagine if you could win an auction for a chance to go into space with the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos . Do you think this is an extraordinary thing?

At least this is what a successful winner feels about getting the opportunity to travel to outer space with Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

Launching from CNN , the winner of the auction, whose identity has not been disclosed, won the opportunity to travel outside the Earth with a value of 28 million US dollars (Rp . 397.6 billion) .

He will be flown on a mission with Jeff Bezos, while Bezos himself plans to undergo an 11-minute space journey with his brother, Mark Bezos.

They are expected to fly beyond Earth on a New Shepard rocket. Blue Origin Sales Director Ariane Cornell said 7,600 people from 159 different countries had registered for the auction.

Will Feel 11 Minutes of Space Travel.

So, when will Bezos leave? It is stated that his space journey is planned to be carried out through the Blue Origin facility in Texas on July 20, 2021 .

For information, Blue Origin is a rocket company that was founded by Bezos since 2000. Then the company has spent nearly the last decade testing the New Shepard rocket.

In fact, it is said that the New Shepard mission, which will take place in July, will mark the first human flight since it was flown unmanned 15 times in 2015.

Please note that the goal of Bezos' mission is to sell space travel tickets to the general public. This tour will offer a journey of 100 Km above the Earth's surface, with an estimated time of 11 minutes.

Passengers can enjoy the magnificent view in space for three minutes of the total journey time. Satisfying isn't it?

Furthermore, the proceeds from the auction are planned to be donated to Club for the Future Blue Origin, which aims to promote education in science, technology, engineering , and mathematics to students.

On the other hand, this auction is also a test of how much the rich can afford to pay for a short trip to space that only takes 11 minutes. Come on, crazy rich Indonesia, hurry up and register too.

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