With an expert eye, which do you choose: Blogger or WordPress?


The use of websites has become an essential matter whether you are a company owner, shop owner, freelance worker or even a simple blogger, as it plays an essential role that social networking sites cannot play, as it allows us to arrange our content and present it in the best way, in addition to that It is according to our taste, which is not available on social media.

With the growth of content management platforms, creating a website has become an easier process than before, as it does not require a person to be familiar with programming languages, as it has a simplified control panel that facilitates dealing with all aspects of the site and managing it completely, which makes bloggers and owners of Websites focus on content.

What if you want to launch your site, and you are confused between choosing Blogger or WordPress: here you have to be careful and study the situation well before you take the next step, and in this post we will differentiate for you between the features of each platform separately to make it easier for you to choose, so follow us.

Reasons to launch your website with Blogger 

The first is that if your site is simple, for example, as a site for displaying news and blogs, what prevents you from choosing a blogger? As you will dispense with buying hosting and use some of its price to reserve the domain, and another part to choose  a professional template , and thus you will ensure a complete website. The second reason is to be easy to deal with, as the Blogger platform provides a complete management of the site, especially with the spread of a set of advanced templates and themes that come with a full control panel, the light that facilitates dealing with the entire site. The third and most important reason is that the platform is free, as it allows you to “unlimited hosting” to publish your topics, photos and even your videos, and ensure that they are not lost, as the blogger servers are the property of Google, and everything related to Google we will not need to show its features! The fourth reason is that the platform is linked to all Google services, the most important of which here is Google Adsense, as you can apply to join Adsense directly through your blog even if you do not have a paid domain.

It is worth noting that the Blogger platform allows the creation of other types of sites, whether it is just simple blogs for sharing blog posts, passing through news sites, and reaching the sites of stores and companies, but with somewhat limited features.

Reasons to launch your site with WordPress

Perhaps the love of independence is the first reason why you prefer the WordPress platform to launch your site, as everything the site needs will be yours and you will pay for it in cash to ensure its continuity. Then comes the reason related to the multiple options offered by the open source WordPress script, the latter being contributed by developers from all over the world, and this is what makes it stronger day by day.

WordPress allows the creation of all kinds of sites, with very advanced features, while maintaining the ease of controlling and dealing with the site.

Our personal opinion?

As you can see, our site is built using the WordPress script, for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that we offer our templates for multiple sale on it, which is facilitated and facilitated by the WooCommerce extension.

In general, the choice between Blogger and WordPress remains for the owner of the site according to his convictions, but if the person is new in the field of the Internet, we hope that the above lines will help him in determining his choice efficiently. It remains also to point out that we are fully prepared to provide all services related to creating sites on the Blogger platform or using the WordPress script, and we can help in choosing a domain name and distinguished hosting at very reasonable prices.

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