How To Choose The Right Stock For Day Trading

Choosing to trade stocks can actually be called quite draining because when trading stocks we cannot be careless so we need the right strategy before finally deciding to invest. For those of you who are still new to the world of stocks, you can do a daily stock strategy by paying attention to how to choose stocks that are suitable for daily trading below:

Learn Stock Trading

If you are a beginner then the main thing you must do is learn. Learning in this case is to learn the ins and outs of the stock itself such as the stock profit sharing system or how stocks work and the techniques used for stock analysis. Exploring stock knowledge is very important for beginners because this stock trading cannot be done arbitrarily or try it. 

Now everything has been made easier so that a lot of information is presented, whether it's videos on YouTube, articles, and so on that you can use as a reference to explore stock knowledge.

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Buy at Low Price

The second strategy if you choose to invest in daily stocks then you should be able to decide to buy stocks at low prices. Sometimes a beginner will feel stressed if it feels that the price of the purchased stock is low enough but the stock is still declining after being purchased, so it is very important in this case to do an analysis first before you decide to buy a stock. You need to apply a strategy in daily stock trading to always be careful in stock transactions.

 Determining the Target Stock

If you decide to trade daily stocks then you should choose a specific target which you then monitor daily movements. You can set a daily target which is usually around 15% -20% per day. Well, if you are still a beginner in this case, then it's a good idea to set a small target, which is around 1%-3%.

 Sell ​​Shares When Profit

Selling stocks at a profit is one of the most widely used strategies by most traders. When the shares you own have reached the profit that you previously targeted, you can sell the shares or it can also be called EXIT. However, if the shares you own have not reached the profit target you set, then it is better to postpone selling the shares. Of course, this choice is yours, if you choose to hold, there will be two possibilities, namely the stock will go up or it will go down.

Buy Stocks When Low and Sell When High

In addition to the above strategies, you can also use this strategy in daily trading. By using the strategy of buying stocks when conditions are low and selling when conditions are high, traders will benefit from the price difference. Although this strategy is commonly used by many people, this method is not good to continue to do. You can use this strategy if the market movement is stable. You can't use this strategy if the stock price has been low for a long time or if it's been high for a long time if you choose to trade daily stocks.

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Fading Method

The fading method is basically a trading method that is quite risky to bring in profits because this method is based on various assumptions ranging from the condition of traders feeling afraid to being ready to make decisions even when the stock is overbought. You can use this method if the situation is very urgent and unexpected.


Stock trading activities are one of the tiring activities because you have to do research and analysis on the stocks you are targeting because if you are not careful in doing research and analysis, it will bring disaster or loss to your finances. This is what then makes traders have to determine the right daily stock trading strategy. But in addition to your strategy, you also mature knowledge by reading the market often and always being updated with the latest news about stock traders.

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