Researchers Reveal Scenario 2050, Prediction of Human Extinction in the Next 30 Years


Research on the future of the earth is still being carried out. A recent report states that human existence could be threatened in the next few decades due to the climate crisis that hit the earth.

In this regard, the report warns that there is a risk of endangering human civilization within three decades if there is no solution to prevent it.

Reporting from the Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration , this report emphasizes the scenario of human extinction due to no longer being able to survive by the end of 2050 .

According to the researchers, the situation that hit Earth today is unique.

In conditions with unprecedented high temperatures, the number of human populations that inhabit the Earth actually reaches eight billion people.

Furthermore, scientists began to develop a scenario called the 2050 scenario .

The scenario contains a situation where humanity begins to find destruction in three decades of stages.

The period 2020-203 0 is the first decade that humanity will face.

In this decade, world leaders are predicted to fail to fulfill the Paris Agreement because they are unable to keep the Earth from rising temperatures.

In one study, it was stated that carbon dioxide levels have now reached 437 ppm, which has never happened in the last 20 million years.

Furthermore, still in this scenario, the second decade will take place in the period 2030-2050 . Here, the emission peak will occur in 2030 and will continue to decrease over time.

In addition, the feedback loop of the carbon cycle and the widespread use of sustainable fossil fuels is likely to cause the temperature on Earth to rise to 3 degrees Celsius.

Lastly, the third decade will begin in 2050 and beyond.

 At that time, it is estimated that there will be scientific consensus regarding the tipping point of the ice sheet in West Antarctica and Greenland with a warming of 2 degrees Celsius.

If that happens, it will have a major impact on human civilization.

At least, 55% of the world's population will experience the deadly heat for 20 days, which humans cannot survive in such conditions.

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At the same time, extreme weather, wildfires, droughts and heat waves could hit North America.

Not only that, rainfall in Central America will drop drastically by half.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that there will be no rainy season in China so that major rivers in Asia experience drought.

West Africa 's lethal heat is also possible for 100 days of the year .

When that happens, people in poor countries may find it difficult to survive in the heat because they don't have access to air conditioning.

Furthermore, this will also affect food production . The hot climate that hit Earth is predicted to make food production insufficient so that one billion people could be displaced due to hunger.

This scenario can also lead to disease outbreaks and armed conflict between countries to the most terrible thing is the occurrence of nuclear war.

As terrifying as it sounds, the researchers suggest that every country should immediately provide resources to create emission-free industries and reduce carbon in the air.

According to them, it must be done immediately to protect human civilization from the threat of extinction on earth.

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