Increase Sales by this Way

 Each of us wants big profits in sales, of course, this desire is accompanied by increased interest or need for the products we market.

Have you understood the advantages and disadvantages of your product? 

what about your team or coworkers?

Are the advantages and disadvantages conveyed to your potential customers?

How to turn the advantages and disadvantages into a sales strategy?

Let's discuss

In sales, of course, we know the terms features and benefits.

Features are a form of products that are marketed to consumers and potential consumers, while benefits are the benefits that will be obtained.

Talking about features, as a business person, of course, you really understand what products are the focus of sales, the advantages and disadvantages of these products.

If you have a team or co-workers, then the feature stage doesn't just get you to understand the product, it is necessary for you to equate that understanding with your team or co-workers,

Why ? Because in the business of understanding one person does not always produce good and big profits for his business, especially if the team and co-workers do not have the same voice, it can certainly hinder the course of your business and the future of your business.

The next stage is to analyze each product in detail, its weaknesses and shortcomings, then compare it with the benefits of each product, to be conveyed to consumers. 

then from here will come the differentiation of your product, compared to similar products with different brands in other companies.

Businesses need to present a view if they become consumers what are the expectations of the product, the benefits of buying and using it, and other added values. for this reason consumers will have the urge to choose your product.

Prepare possible questions that consumers will ask when they buy products, prepare them in a file or other form that is easy for you and your team to access and use to answer each of these questions. 

Ask consumers about the desired expectations, then make the advantages of your product and benefits as an answer to consumer expectations. 

Don't compare your product with similar products with different brands or production by other companies, let alone state that your product is the best quality ever. 

just focus on the benefits of your product, to lead consumers to only think about the products you offer. 

Increase your sales by planning as well as possible, understand the business you do with the team, and give the best of your products to consumers. 
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