9 Secret Ways to Increase Sales on Facebook Marketplace

Hello business warriors, how is your business? Still selling well or just can smile grimace? So don't worry, this time we will share information about the secrets of increasing sales on the Facebook marketplace.

This article is very helpful for you business fighters who are looking for information about the Facebook marketplace tutorial. So please read the following discussion to the end.

Why Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a feature released in 2017 where this feature was created with the aim of introducing products to customers.

There are many reasons why this one Facebook feature is highly recommended for business fighters:

  1. Free
  2. Display is simple and easy to understand (user friendly)
  3. Can upload more than one product photo
  4. Has a large selection of categories
  5. Has a fairly long product description column feature
  6. Can determine the selling price
  7. Connect with inbox (messenger)
  8. Free to determine the location of the business
  9. Minimal risk
  10. Has facebook algorithm support based on search

Facebook Marketplace Buying and Selling Rules

For those of you who are interested in marketing sales on Facebook, you must know some of the rules set by Facebook in the marketplace feature. 

How to Show Marketplace Features

You need to make sure that the Facebook that you will use as a tool to sell products must have the marketplace feature installed. This is because sometimes the Facebook marketplace feature does not always appear on all Facebook accounts so it is necessary to make sure beforehand that this marketplace application is installed on Facebook. This feature can appear based on Facebook's assessment of our account. 

Here's how to display the marketplace feature so that it appears on Facebook:

  • First, the friendships on your facebook account must be at least more than 300. Add friends by adding more friends. You have to be careful because you can't add friends at the same time. This risks your account will be banned from facebook.
  • The second step after you make friends with a lot of people then you have to join the buying and selling community as much as possible on the Facebook Group. You can start to join buying and selling groups in your city. Keep in mind again that you cannot join a large group at the same time. You can join the Facebook group as many as 5 groups in a day.
  • After you join the group, try to always be active to post about the products you offer, and don't forget to often comment and give a like on other people's posts in the group.

 How to Post Products on Marketplace

  • First click the main menu in the upper right corner so the image below will appear.
  • After that you will be shown on the marketplace page which consists of several menus. Select the menu, click "Sell" or "Sell" if you want to post a product on the marketplace. 
  • You need to prepare product photos first when you want to post products to the facebook marketplace. Try product photos that will be posted attract the attention of consumers.
  • Then after you click "Sell" earlier, several menus will appear as below. Then select the "Item" menu to continue posting to the product.
  • After that select the category according to the item to be sold. If there is no appropriate category then you can select the "Others" menu
  • The next step is to insert an image or photo of the product in the column provided by the Facebook marketplace.
  • After that you are directed to several fields that must be filled in such as column titles, prices, product categories, and others.
  • If you have completed the column, you can select the "next" or "next" menu in the upper right corner.
  • After that a menu of options will appear to be able to offer products in many places. You can also offer products to various groups that have been linked to your account then select "Publish" or "Post".

9 Secret Skills for Facebook Marketplace:

The subject of this one discussion is very important for business fighters to pay attention to. If you have applied the 13 moves below, it is likely that your sales will also increase. How to ? Let's see a more complete explanation below:

  1. Post at least 10 times a day
  2. Upload a different cover image in each post
  3. Use an interesting title that is different from others even though the content is the same
  4. Specifies a different location in each post
  5. Focus on posting only on the marketplace and avoid posting to Facebook groups
  6. Choose different category variations in each post
  7. Provide information so customers can contact you by including your whatsapp number nomor
  8. Fast response to every inbox on messenger
  9. Consistent and persistent (deep the science of copywriting)

So, those are some tips and information for those of you who are looking for ways to increase sales on the Facebook marketplace. Good luck and I hope your business is selling well.


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