How to Optimize Sales With the Latest Instagram Ad Services 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is still continuing, has forced the business world to struggle fully to survive in this era. Business actors at this time are very affected because of the PSBB regulations in many areas. To be able to survive during this pandemic, business actors are required to be active and creative in offering their products to consumers. A business person can do research that during a pandemic there is also a positive side, one of which is the increase in social media users such as Instagram.

Instagram is growing according to the needs of its users. Now you can take advantage of the Instagram ads feature to reach a wider range of consumers. With Instagram ads you can introduce your products to all regions. But it turns out that there are still many business people who don't know or even can't use Instagram ads.

Now business warriors don't need to worry because we will review how to use Instagram ads. Let's see the following explanation!

Why should you use Instagram advertising services?

The answer to the question above is because Indonesia has the 4th largest number of Instagram users in the world. So it can be concluded that if you use Instagram advertising services, you will certainly be able to reach many people throughout Indonesia. In addition, the most users in Indonesia, on average, come from the age group of 18-24 years, in which they are very active in using social media. Based on research conducted by Tech in Asia, it is revealed that 45% of Instagram users in Indonesia make purchases of products they see on Instagram. This is a great opportunity that you must take advantage of in developing your business, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like this.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads or Instagram advertising services is an advertising platform on the Instagram Social Network. You can create ads on Instagram Feed and Instagram stories through this platform. If you're familiar with creating ads on Facebook ads, creating ads on Instagram won't be difficult for you. Because since joining Facebook in 2012, the advertising platform is aggregated in the Facebook administrator. So the steps to create an Instagram ad are almost the same as how to create a Facebook ad.

Like the requirement to create a Facebook ad, you must also have a Facebook page before creating an Instagram ad. Let's create an ad by following the steps below:

How to Create Instagram Ads to Optimize Sales

Before you decide to use the Instagram ads feature, make sure that the Instagram account that you are going to register with the Instagram advertising service is a business account. Next make sure you are logged into Facebook and connect your Instagram to Facebook. You need to do this because Instagram has joined Facebook since 2012. After that, enter the Facebook Ads Manager page and then open the campaign menu and select create ads.

Facebook will provide two options for making announcements, namely, unified ad creation and quick ad creation. My advice is to try to choose guided ad creation so that your ad is more specific. Next you can define ad objectives wherein facebook ads manager provides types of goal categories such as awareness, conversion, and consideration.

Objective Brand Awareness ( Awarness )

Brand Awareness ( AwarenessI ) aims to advertise your product to people who have a high chance of being interested in your product. Brand awareness ads are able to reach the maximum number according to your budget.

Purpose of Consideration ( Consideration )

There are several options for this purpose, including:

  1. Traffic/Traffic: Aims to increase the number of visits
  2. Interaction: This option allows for interactions such as page likes and responses to some of the events you host
  3. Application Installation: This option is perfect for those of you who want other people to install applications on their cellphones.
  4. Video Viewing: This option is perfect if the ad you want to serve is video content
  5. Lead Generation: This ad aims to collect data from people who have an interest in the products you offer. The data in question is usually in the form of an email.
  6. Message: This ad aims to invite people to send messages to your business via whatsapp or messenger.

The next step after you determine the purpose of the ad is to choose the type of ad. In this case Facebook provides two ad options, namely split test and budget optimization where these two ads can be used simultaneously. After that write the name of the ad and select your traffic destination. You can also display a promo if your store is having a promo. Then determine the target audience, ad placement, and broadcast date. Only then can you link your ad to Instagram. After that you will be directed to the ad format, create ad text, insert image, ad title, link and make payment.

How to Pay for Instagram Ads

You can do the following ways to pay for Instagram ads even if you don't have a credit card. You can use the atm transfer method or internet banking and can also go to local banks. Want to know how to pay for Instagram ads without the hassle? Let's see the following explanation:

  1. Make sure you select "ATM and Bank Transfer" in the payment method when advertising your content or product. After that select the "Add new payment method" menu and then select "ATM and Bank Transfer". Make sure you change the currency to IDR with the country choice "Indonesia".
  2. Enter the payment amount
  3. There are 16 Digits that you must enter into the ATM and Internet Banking screens so that you can complete the payment.

After you go through the steps to paying for Instagram ads but the Instagram ads don't work, you can pay attention to the following reviews:

Why Instagram Ads Don't Run

One of the causes of Instagram ads not working is due to the following possibilities:

  1. Problem With Split Test

    Problems with split tests can occur if you don't do split tests or separate tests where someone can advertise with two types at once.

  2. Impatient

    Remember that nothing is instant. You have indeed advertised but remember that Facebook or Instagram are machines where this engine also takes time to study the target of your ad.

  3. Incorrect Image

    You have to pay attention to the rules for using images on the ad platform. If you violate that rule then there's a good chance that your ad could be problematic. Generally on Facebook or Instagram ads use the proportion of 20% words and 80% images.

  4. Undirected Goals

    It is very important to determine the purpose and direction of the target ad as this will affect the reach of your ad. If the goal you choose when advertising a product is not targeted, then don't expect your ad to be right on target.

  5. Missing a target

    Missed targeting can happen if you don't pay attention to the features provided by Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

So, those are some tips from us to optimize your product sales during the current pandemic. Remember, don't give up and do positive things that keep you productive. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are struggling, Cheers 😊

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